Infinity Reference 1062w-10

Product Name:Infinity Reference 1062w -10
Size:10 Inch
RMS Watts:275 Watts
Peak Watts:1100 Watts
Impedance:Dual 4-Ohm

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Infinity Reference 1062w-10
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Infinity Reference 1062w 10-Inch 1,100-Watt High-Performance Subwoofer Review


The Infinity Reference 1062W 10” Subwoofer is designed to give you tight and punchy sound that is of high quality. It can be used in for 4 or 2 ohms depending on your immediate needs – whichever option you choose, you will find that it is easy to use and manage. It is packed with lots of excellent features to give you superb rhythm and sound. With the addition of the high efficiency cone, this thing will give you a clean and efficient bass. It also features vented pole pieces that are designed to provide extra cooling and increase the power handling and user experience.


  • The Infinity Reference 1062w 10-Inch 1,100-Watt High-Performance Subwoofer is packaged in a standard packaging for a nice user experience.
  • It has a peak power handling of 1100 watts.
  • This unit is crafted from a high efficiency polypropylene cone that is shaped with a large-roll rubber surround.
  • It has vented pole pieces.
  • It includes a dual voice coil.
  • It is backed by one-year manufacturer warranty.


The Infinity Reference 1062w 10-Inch Subwoofer packs 13.8 pounds in weight for poise and balanced usage. It measures 10 x 5 x 5 inches and is powered by 12V batteries for longer usage. Note that the weight quoted here might be different from the shipping weight. The shipping weight may be higher due to the addition of certain component at the time of packaging and shipping.

Consumer Reviews

This unit is highly rated on with a score of 4.6 of 5.0 stars. During our research, we discovered that it currently enjoys many positive customer reviews because of its lower price – compared to other subs on the market – and the quality of the build. Many of those who have bought this unit are happy and they attributed that to the quality of the performance of this unit.

However, some people complained that this unit broke down within a couple of months. This is common with consumer electronics and the root of this is no more than manufacturer defects.


  • This unit produces lows and highs on your bass with accuracy.
  • The build quality is first-rate as praised by customers who have used it in the past.
  • It produces the best sounding experience you can get from a sub within its price range.
  • It works nicely with home theater system.
  • It helps the ears to get accustom to the sound produced with ease.
  • It performs excellently for a 10-inch Sub.
  • It provides amazing bass quality.
  • The hits produced from this sub are clean and smooth.
  • You will enjoy a nice experience when you get everything well in the set up.
  • It is built from good quality materials.
  • The Infinity Reference 1062W 10” subwoofer rattles your car with a sense of balance.
  • It is crafted from good quality materials so that it can last longer and stay with your longer.
  • It provides a nice user experience as long as you get the set up right.
  • It is nice looking.
  • It produces great bass no matter what you are listening to.
  • You don’t need an expensive amp before you can enjoy this product, as the RMS is 275.


Although this unit is chocked-full of amazing features and benefits, there are still some not so good things about it. Here we list these:

  • Among those who have used this unit is someone who complained that his unit broke down after a few months of usage. With our extensive experience reviewing this kind of product, I can say this can occur due to manufacturer defect or carelessness on the part of the user.
  • Another complaint is that this product is built from cheap DVC terminals that might easily be damaged if not handled carefully.

Works Well With

This subwoofer pairs well with the R250X1 Prime by Rockford Fosgate. It has 250 Watt RMS at 2OHM which is near perfect for this speaker. The price is right at right around $100.



If you are looking for a sub that is not so expensive and performs better than some other subs in its category, this is it. Considering the amount of features packed into the Infinity Reference 1062w sub, it is inexpensive. The installation is also easy as you can easily drive your unit without bridging. With the dual voice coil onboard this unit; it brings home to you extra wiring options.

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