Lanzar OPTI1233D Optidrive

Product Name:Lanzar OPTI1233D 12"
Size:12 Inch
RMS Watts:3000
Peak Watts:6000
Impedance:Dual 1.2 Ohm

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Lanzar OPTI1233D Optidrive
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Lanzar OPTI1233D Optidrive 12-Inch High Power Dual Voice Subwoofer

Lanzar is a company that produces many different audio devices and equipment like amplifiers, crossovers, capacitors, coaxial and of course – subwoofers. Their Lanzar OPTI1233D Optidrive 12-Inch High Power Dual Voice Subwoofer is definitely on top of their list of subwoofers in terms of quality and popularity.

This OPTI1233D Optidrive 12-Inch High Power Dual Voice Subwoofer features a custom designed die-cast pulp cone made of die-cast aluminum. This lightweight material provides ultimate protection regardless of the condition inside the car. In addition, the designers from Lanzar have added 2-inch foam surround that is able to absorb hits and bumps and resists flexing while providing greater durability and resistance. In other words, this car subwoofer is prepared to withstand hard use. The cone is designed in a way which allows users to play music without distortions even if the sounds are deep.

The Dual 3″ High Temperature BAEISV Voice Coil leads the subwoofer precisely for outstanding performance even under extreme conditions. The high density barium ferrite magnet is here to keep the cone in place regardless of the conditions.

The Lanzar OPTI1233D is a 12- inch subwoofer. The depth is right around 9 inches. This is fairly typical for a 12-inch subwoofer. You can expect to put this in the typical places like a trunk, or hatch. The subwoofer weighs about 47 pounds, so don’t plan on doing any drag racing with this subwoofer in your car. Also, for those of us up north there is no need to put sandbags in  your trunk this winter.

When it comes to power, Lanzar OPTI1233D Optidrive 12-Inch High Power Dual Voice Subwoofer is very solid. With a RMS of 3000 Watts and 6000 watts peak, this car subwoofer provides maximum pleasure in listening to any type of music. Just make sure that the power handling of your subwoofer is adequate to the amp’s power output.

As you probably know, the frequency range is a measurement that is used to determine the range of sounds starting from the lowest to the highest that a car subwoofer is able to produce. Each car subwoofer comes with certain level of frequency response, but the final results depend on many other factors like the crossover points, the type of vehicle etc. The good thing is that the frequency range in this subwoofer is very high and starts with 50 Hz and ends with 300 Hz.

This subwoofer will work in a ported or sealed box. If you want to get the lowest frequency bass from this speaker go with the ported box.

Lanzar is offering a one-year warranty for this subwoofer. This is a pretty standard warranty for the industry.

Overall, Lanzar OPTI1233D Optidrive 12-Inch High Power Dual Voice Subwoofer is a great car subwoofer that comes with a price that is much lower than the prices of other established brands. The price to performance on this subwoofer is tough to beat.

This subwoofer is a power hungry beast, therefore you need a powerful amp and appropriate wiring to get the best sound out of it.

The Lanzar OPTI1233D pairs well with the Hifonics ZRX3216.1D 3,200 Watt RMS Class “D” Car Amplifier . The amp is rated at 3200 watts @ 1 Ohm. Coming in just above the rated wattage of 3000 watts RMS of the Lanzar OPTI1233D Optidrive subwooferThis will allow for the maximum watts to this speaker for optimal sound.



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