Product Name:ORION HCCA124 12"
Size:12 Inch
RMS Watts:2000
Peak Watts:4000
Impedance:Dual 4 Ohm

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ORION HCCA124 12″ 4000 Watt Dual 4 Ohm Voice Coil Subwoofer HCCA-124

Orion has been present on the market for more than three decades and during all these years they have come up with some very popular car subwoofer solutions. There are only few other brands that work in the field of car audio that can be compared to Orion. They are always investing in research and developing new technology.

When it comes to car subwoofers, ORION HCCA124 12″ 4000 Watt Dual 4 Ohm Voice Coil Subwoofer HCCA-124 is definitely a type of subwoofer that people who like the appearance of circular subwoofer with great performance will find attractive. As the manufacturer says and many satisfied users confirm, this particular model is here to provide maximum versatility. It also provides excellent sounds in both open and sealed spaces.

ORION HCCA124 12″ 4000 Watt Dual 4 Ohm Voice Coil Subwoofer HCCA-124 comes equipped with a durable cone that won’t flex even a little bit under powerful volumes or lead to any kind of distortion. The cone itself is surrounded with protective materials that can guarantee that users will enjoy music for many years. This attractive car subwoofer from Orion can handle up to 2000 watts RMS and 4000 watts max. It comes with Dual 4 Ohm Voice coils that will allow you to obtain 2, 4, or 8 Ohm impedance. This allows for a variety of setup options to fit your audio setup. This also gives you options when pairing with another HCCA124 Subwoofer and when pairing with an amplifier.

Even when you take a first look at this subwoofer you will notice how sophisticated it is. It is obvious that the designers have spent some time creating the design for this specific model of car subwoofer. The design allows this device to produce some very intense sound without any problems. With close to 4 inches of travel on the voice you know they made this to produce some heart pounding bass. Another thing that is specific for this subwoofer is the mounting hole diameter. It takes an 11.9 inches mounting hole diameter in order to install this sub. If you have an existing sub box you would like to use it may not fit in the existing whole. Verify this before buying. The mounting depth is also fairly deep at 15 inches. This sub is a heavy weight. It weighs a hefty 76 lbs so make sure your shocks and struts are up to snuff.

Orion has produced their ORION HCCA124 subwoofers to provide powerful and precise bass although they need medium-power amplifiers. It took several months for the research team to come up with design. The design itself provides flawless, accurate cone movement regardless of the power level. This model also features unique cooling system that will keep the heat away from the system’s motor components which ultimately means longer durability and reduced chances of distortion. What is even better, the ORION HCCA124 works excellent in both ported and sealed enclosure. The rings are removable and they can be either replaced with rings in different colors or you can paint them to match the interior of your vehicle. The PAARC voice coil can handle high temperatures without any problems.

This speaker is definitely in the competition group and is pretty expensive for the average car audio enthusiast. However, because of the massive sound this thing produces you will probably only need one which will cut down on cost and used space in the trunk or hatch space.

So, if you are looking for a loud durable solution from an established brand like Orion go for ORION HCCA124. This investment will certainly pay off in the long run because these subwoofers are built to last.

This subwoofer pairs well with the Orion HCCA5000 amplifier. It puts out 2120 watts RMS at 4ohm. This is just above the max rating for this subwoofer. Since it is an Orion amplifier expect the same great quality as the sub.

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