Rockford Fosgate P3 Review: P3 D2 12 Inch Subwoofer

Product Name:P3D2-12
Brand:Rockford Fosgate
Size:12 Inch
RMS Watts:600
Peak Watts:1200
Impedance:Dual 2-Ohm

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Rockford Fosgate P3 Review: P3 D2 12 Inch Subwoofer


Price: $$


The Rockford Fosgate P3D2-12 Inch Subwoofer is from the Punch Line of products from Rockford Fosgate.

This is their mid-level speaker in the 2-ohm Dual Voice Coil variety.  You can see the breakdown of models on their website.


Rockford Fosgate P3 ReviewThe P3 subwoofer is the latest model available from Rockford Fosgate providing slightly higher ratings than its predecessors. The P1 and the P2.


The P1 only comes in a single voice coil and has 250 watts RMS with 500 Watts Peak.


The P2 Has a dual voice coil and the RMS and Peak watts are bumped up to 400 watts and 800 watts respectively


The Rockford Fodgate P3 model has improved stats coming in at 600 watts RMS and 1200 watts max.


You can still purchase the P1 and P2 models for a reduced price. However they are different speakers and may suit different needs. The Cost difference is fairly substantial when comparing the P1 to the P3 with the P3 Almost double the cost.


The P3 is only about 20% more than the P2.  For 20% more in cost you can get 50% more power. Not a bad deal.

Now on with the Details:


  • Dual 2-Ohm Voice Coils : This will allow to run with either a 1-Ohm or 4 -ohm Load for a single Speaker. If you add another speaker you can do .5 ohm, 2-ohm , or 8-ohm.
  • The Flex fit Basket: while not a huge deal this may help in certain circumstances to get the correct mounting angle.
  • Extraordinary Sound at this price point.
  • Also available as a  4-ohm DVC Model.
  • There are tons of Positive Reviews for this subwoofer on Amazon with 89% of the Reviews are  5 stars.
  • Comes with a painted aluminum trim ring. Just a nice addition for the cost.
  • 1 year standard warranty



  • There have been some reports of the speaker blowing within a few months but these are probably related to incorrect wiring or perhaps sub par supporting equipment such as a cheap amp.


What amplifier to choose:


When choosing an amplifier for the Rockford Fosgate P3 keep in mind the RMS watts and the Ohm rating. You will need to make sure the amplifier matches the ohm rating of the subwoofer. In this case either 4 or 1 Ohm depending on how you wire the dual voice coils.

Also, make sure the amplifier has plenty of power to match the RMS rating of the speaker.


For Example: The Rockford Fosgate P3 is rated at 600 watts RMS at 1 or 4 Ohm.  Your amplifier should be able to do at least 600 watt RMS on a single Channel.


Here are some recommended amplifiers for this subwoofer.

The MB Quart OA750.1 750 Watt amplifier. This amplifier is rated at 750 watts at 1 ohm. You will need to be careful when running this at full power as it has just over the 600 watt RMS power Rating of the Rockford Fosgate P3. This should be fairly easy since it comes with a remote bass knob to adjust the power output.

The Power Acoustik RZ11500D. Coming in a 600 watt rms at 4-ohm. This is nearly the perfect fit for this subwoof


NOTE: When purchasing a Dual Voice coil subwoofer always wire both voice coils or you will damage the speaker.




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