Ultimate Guide to the best 15 inch subwoofer for 2017

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If you have landed on this page then you must have a question about what the best 15 inch subwoofer is. There are many good brands on the market today and some of them fit in to specific categories.

We are going to give you reviews on some of the best 15 inch subwoofers on the market today.

You might have a specific price range say under 100 dollars ,under 200 dollars ,Under 300 dollars. We have you covered here.

Perhaps you dont have a price limit at all and you just want to know what the best 15 inch subwoofer is. Kudos to you if you fit in this category.

Are you wondering what type of enclosure will work best?Ported or Sealed.

How do i match up an amplifier? If i already have an amplifier what subwoofer should i buy?

Have you asked yourself any of these questions? Perhaps all of these questions have crossed your mind at some point.

If so continue reading:

We are going to go in depth on these questions to get you the most comprehensive answers while reviewing the best 15 inch subwoofesr for 2017

If you are interested in a specific price range or subwoofer i have included a Table of Contents to help navigate.


Best 15 inch Subwoofer for under 100 dollars

There are quite a few  15 inch subwoofers for under 100 dollars. However, most of them are not up to par to even mention. With that being said, don’t expect too much from this class of subwoofer.

Here are some of the reasons why:

There are a lot of seemingly false representations of RMS and Max wattage. Some claiming to be 1000 watts RMS or more. While they may be able to handle this momentarily most of the ones that claim this type of wattage tend to fail very quickly. There are many mentions about these subwoofer failing after a few months to even a few weeks. Most of which claim to not have pushed them to their peak power.

Some of the reasons for this type of failure are cheaper materials, less engineering effort, and bad design. With cheaper materials you get more wear in less amount of time and the inability to withstand heat and vibrations.  The lack of engineering effort and bad design also contribute to things like overheating and failure of pretty much all parts of the subwoofer.

I have seen magnets come unglued, lead wires fall of, burnt voice coils, and a slew of other things all from cheap design and parts. Now, these things can happen to more expensive speakers as well but you have to reach well beyond their limits in most cases to get to this point. With most of the under 100 dollar club subwoofers, as mentioned before, their specs seem overrated which causes people to push more power to them than they can actually handle.

I know this seems like all negative so far but i just want you to be aware of what you could potentially buy if you are not careful.

There are a couple of really good 15 inch subwoofers in this category and we are going to go over them next.


Rockford Fosgate P1S4-15 subwoofer Punch P1 SVC 4 Ohm Review


best 15 inch subwoofer

Rockford fosgate is a well know, very reputable company. Even if you are a novice in car audio you have more than likely heard of Rockford Fosgate.

This  P1S4- 15 model subwoofer comes from the “Punch” line of subwoofers which is acutally their middle tier. The lower tier being the “Prime” and the upper end being the “Power” line of subwoofer. The Prime does not come in the 15 inch variety.

Quick Specs:

Features:best 15 inch subwoofer

The P1s4-15 comes equipped with a kevlar re-inforced cone for longevity and higher performance. Another great feature that wont be found on other subwoofers in this price range is the Aluminum voice coil former. Rockford Fosgate uses this to help with heat dissipation. They claim that there is up to 100 degrees dissipation at full power levels. Compare this to the plastic counter part. Well, you really cant compare because the aluminum will out perform plastic in this application every time.

There is also a slotted frame that allow for fine-tuning of the mounting position of the subwoofer. Also this may seem unnecessary to some, it becomes useful when you find out that your subwoofer is turned a few degrees and looks off center. With the slotted mounting holes this becomes really easy to adjust without having to drill new holes.


Slotted Frame for easy installation

Price – This really is a great subwoofer in this price range

Stitched Tinsel leads for reliability and performance.

Great Low bass for the price. Just one of these will help create a really nice entry level sound system.


Not a whole lot in this category. Perhaps you could consider the low RMS a Con but as long as you match up your amplifer appropriately it will sound great.

This is just a personal preference but the visual design is somewhat plain. Again, this is just my opinion.

Recommended Enclosure:

The Rockford fosgate P1s4-15 is best used in a sealed box however a vented box with the correct height width and depth along with the correctly sized port will work nearly as good.

The recommended Volume of the sealed box is 1.58 cu. ft. and 2.66 cu. ft. for the ported enclosure. You can get all of the dimensions for the both the sealed and ported enclosures on rockford fosgates website. They have a nice “Box Advisor” section for their speakers that is great for building your own box. Click on the link and scroll till you see the boxAdisor section. It would be my recommendation to either build the box yourself with the specs from their website or find someone who can build it for you. This will be the most accurate.

If you are not in to building your own box here are a couple boxes that are close to the cu. ft. as per Rockford Fosgate Specifications.

Sealed Enclosures:

Scosche SE15CC 15-Inch Single Subwoofer Enclosure 

R/T 770 Enclosure Series 15-Inch Single Sealed Bass Box

Ported Enclosures:

ASC Single 15″ Subwoofer 1″ MDF Universal Fit Vented Port Sub Box Speaker Enclosure

NEW Q-Power 15″ Single Empty Vented Ported Car Audio Subwoofer Sub Box Enclosure

Recommended Amplifier:

The Rockford Fosgate P1S4-15 subwoofer is rated at 250 watts rms at 4 ohm. With this information in mind we should be looking for a single channel amplifier that puts out approximately 250 watts at 4 ohm.  The recommended range listed on Rockford Fosgates website is between 75 watts and 250 watts.

Here are some amplifiers that fit the bill for this subwoofer.

Rockford P400X1 Punch 1-Channel Mono Block Amplifier

Alpine MRV-M250 Mono V-Power Digital Amplifier 


The specs on this subwoofer may not be to exciting but this is really a top notch subwoofer for the price. As with anything in this price range you have to pay close attention to the power ratings and be sure not to go over these recommendations. Overall this is a highly recommended subwoofer in this price range. If you are looking for a great subwoofer for under 100 dollars you can t go wrong with the Rockford Fosgate P1s4-15

Buy Now From Amazon



Kicker 10C154  Comp Subwoofer Review

Kicker has been around for many years and has a really good reputation as a car audio best 15 inch subwoofercompany. Not only in the subwoofer realm but in other parts as well. They have been around since 1973.

The Kicker 10C154 subwoofer is from the Comp Series of subwoofers from Kicker. This is their lower end subwoofer as you might have guessed since its in the under 100 dollar category. Other series of subwoofers from kicker from most expensive to least expensive.

  • L7  QClass- This is a Square subwoofer and is the most expensive.
  • CompQ – Most expensive round Kicker Subwoofer.
  • Solo-Baric L7 – Another sqare subwoofer in a lower price bracket
  • CompVX
  • CompR
  • CompRT
  • CompVR
  • CompVT
  • CompD
  • CompS
  • Comp – This is the class that the 10C154 Falls into.

You can see that kicker has a variety of price ranges to fit the needs of most consumers.

Quick Specs:Kicker-10c154-2


The 10c154 is a Single Voice coile subwoofer at 4 ohms. It Comes with very nicely done nickel plated, spring loaded terminals for easy connection.

The polyfoam surround is optimized for high excursion.  This feature helps to allow the 10c154 to have an XMAX of 13.5 MM.

To help cool the motor it combines the Hi temp coil wire, vented pole piece and perimeter venting around the basket area. All of these features combine to help cool the subwoofer and keep it performing optimally. As always these features can not prevent overheating if you hook up too large of an amplifier .

Recommended Enclosure:

Kicker states that the Comp 10c154 subwoofer will work well with both ported and sealed enclosures.

It is recommended to use the ported enclosure if you have extra room and want good street bass and high SPL.

Comp woofers also perform well in sealed enclosures. The sealed enclosure produces high-impact bass. Also, for these enclosures kicker recommends filling the airspace with 50%  loose pol-fil (polyester fiberfill) stuffing.

For more details and box dimensions I have included a link to the manual for this subwoofer.

If you are not a carpenter or don’t aspire to be, here are some recommended pre-built enclosures.

Ported Enclosures:

15″ Single Vented Slot Ported Box 

R/T 300 Enclosure Series 

Sealed Enclosure:

Q Power Single 15-Inch Unloaded Box

Recommended Amplifier:

The PS14-15 is a single 4 ohm voice coil subwoofer with an RMS rating of 250 watts. We will be looking for an amplifer that will fit in this range to give us the best sound quality, performance, and longevity.

Rockford Fosgate R500X1D Prime 1-Channel Class D Amplifier – This amplifier is actually rated @ 300 watts RMS @ 4 ohm. It is rated 50 watt RMS over the max of this subwoofer. You will have to be a little careful not to over do it. Just dont keep the gain at max. This amp would also be perfect fit for two of these subwoofers wired in a parallel configuration which would give you a 2 ohm load and increasing the amplifiers RMS output to 500 watts RMS. 

Alpine MRV-M250 Mono V-Power Digital Amplifier


The Kicker 10C154 comp is definitely one of the best 15 inch subwoofers you can buy for under 100 dollars.  If you are looking to add some pretty amazing bass for this price point then look no further than the Kicker 10C154 15 inch subwoofer.

Buy Now From Amazon


Conclusion: Best 15 inch subwoofer under 100 

We only reviewed two subwoofers in this category  because there just aren’t that many worthy of a great review.

The Rockford fosgate P1s4-15 and Kicker 10C154 are nearly identical in Price and Specs. You really cant go wrong with either of these subwoofers. It may come down to brand preference which again are very similar.

If you are looking for the best 15 inch subwoofer under 100 dollars either one of these wont let you down.


Kicker 10C154 250W 15″ Comp Series Single 4 ohm Subwoofer  Check Price on Amazon 

Rockford Fosgate  Punch P1 SVC 4 Ohm 15-Inch         Check Price on Amazon 

Best 15 inch subwoofer for under 200 dollars

In my opinion this is the sweet spot in the best 15 inch subwoofer category. You start to get out of the cheaper less wattage subwoofer and in to the subs that can handle a fairly large amount of wattage. Now you are not going to win any competitions with this category unless of course you enter a competition in this specific category.

For under 200 dollars you can get some subwoofers that will literally make your ears hurt. There are quite a few very good subwoofers in this category but just like anything else be mindful of the setup. For example, Even though these are better built longer lasting subs they can still be destroyed with too much power. Also, things like hooking up just one voice coil will damage the speaker as well.

We will point out these details as needed throughout the reviews.


Rockford Fosgate P3D2-15 Punch P3 DVC 2 Ohm

Rockford Fosgate P3D4-15Another great subwoofer from Rockford Fosgate.

This one  comes from P3 Lineup of
punch subwoofers. This model has dual voice coils that are only found in the P2 and P3 versions of this subwoofer.

The P3 also allows for more power to be pushed to it coming in at 600 watts RMS. Compared to 400 watts RMS for the P2 and 250 Watts RMS for the P1.

Other differences are a larger magnet and an XMAX of 15.2mm compared to 13.3mm and 9.0mm for the P2 and P1 respectively.

As you might have guessed, with the dual voice coils, larger magnet, higher wattage, and overall better performance comes a higher price tag.

This subwoofer is identical to the P3D4-15 except for being dual 4-ohm vs dual 2 ohm designated by the D4 vs the D2.

Quick Specs:

Rockford Fosgate P3d2-15


  •  10-AWG nickel plated push terminals for easy connections.
  • Dual linear spider with embedded 16 AWG tinsel leads for strength and durability.
  • Extended pole piece and bumped vented backplate for cooling
  • Also to help with heat there is a High-temp voice coil with spun-laced Nomex® re-inforcement collar
  • Anodized aluminum cone and dustcap
  • Protective PVC textured magnet cover
  • Diamond cut cast aluminum trim ring with optional grille
  • StampCast basket with integrated spider venting


  • These speakers are very loud and clean at the same time.
  • Reputable company creating a great subwoofer.
  • Great price for the quality of this subwoofer. You almost cant get better for the price in any size subwoofer.
  •  Long lasting when matched with the appropriate amplifier and enclosure.


Cant really say anything negative about this sub. However, make sure you match it with the correct amplifier and enclosure. More to come on these two subjects.

Recommended Enclosures:

I always recommend building a box if you have the know how. You can build it to the exact measurements that are recommended by the manufacturer. You can find the box specifications for this subwoofer on Rockford Fosgates website.  Scroll down near the bottom and select the “BoxAdvisor” Tab.

If you are not in to building your own box here are a couple recommendations.


15″ Single Sealed Sub Box 

Q-Power 15″ Ported Subwoofer Enclosure

Recommended Amplifier:

As a review, the specifications of the Rockford Fosgate P3D2-15 that are relevant to choosing an amplifier are:

Dual 2-Ohm voice coils

600 watt RMS.

With these specs in mind we want to find an amplifier that will support around 600 watt RMS @ 1 ohm or 4Ohm. Rockford Fosgate shows that the sweet spot for this sub is around 400 watt RMS with a theoretical max (or red zone ) of 800 watts rms. To be safe I would stay reall close to a max of 600 watts rms and maybe 700 watts and keep the gain just below max. With this in mind here are some recommendations.

Rockford Fosgate R500X1D : This amplifier is rated at 300 watts RMS @ 4 Ohm which is a little on the low end for this subwoofer but if you wire the sub @ 1 0hm then it is rated at 500 watt RMS which is a little closer to the max of the subwoofer. 

Rockford Fosgate R750-1D: This amplifier from Rockford Fosgate is rated at 250 watts RMS @ 4 ohm. Again, this is on the low side. So the best bet would be to wire this @ 1 Ohm which would put 750 watts RMS to this sub. This is on the high side of the recommended 600 watts RMS but you can adjust the gain accordingly.


As we have mentioned before Rockford fosgate is a premier Car audio manufacturer. This speaker is another product that tells this story. At this price range it is hard to find a better speaker. As long as you select the correct enclosure, amplifier, and wiring you will not be disappointing. Also, as a reminder we recommend building your enclosure to spec for the best sound.

Buy Now From Amazon

Alpine Type-R SWR-1542D 

Alpine is another long standing company that is a very recognizable household name. Well at least if you in to car audio you should know who alpine is. The company has been around since 1978.

Like many other subwoofer manufacturers you can tell a lot about the subwoofer by the model type. Alpine is no different.

SWR = Type R subwoofer.

There are a few types of subwoofer types available from Alpine besides the type R. They are:

SWX = Extreme performance. These only come in 10 and 12 inch variety and are priced  above 500 dollars. Click the link if you want to check it out. SWX-1042D.

SWT= These are built for small spaces like in a truck.

SWS = These are just below the type R subwoofer in performance.

SWA = This is the entry level Subwoofer and Alpine partnered with Far east movement to manufacture these subwoofers.

As you can see the SWR or Type R is about middle of the line in terms of the class of subwoofer from Alpine and probably the most popular.

The next section of the model 1542D tells us that this is a 15 inch subwoofer with 2 4-ohm voice coils.

Quick Specs:


Tons of engineering goes in to what appears to be a somewhat simple product. This subwoofer is no different.

The Type-R subwoofer has a very long linear excursion for lots of bass.

Exclusive cooling technology that allows the sub to handle more power for longer periods of time.

The voice coil is made from High Temp wire on a spiral Cut aluminum former.

The tinsel leads are reinforced spider integration for longevity and durability.


  • Reliable
  • Good price for what you get
  • Clean sound
  • Jumper wires included for changing wiring setup.


Not much bad to say here.

  • Some say the RMS could be higher. I feel that it fits the bill at this price range.

Recommended Enclosures:

This sub, like most, will work with both sealed and ported enclosures. When choosing an enclosure try to stay as close as possible to the recommended available airspace. This will ensure the subwoofer performs like it was designed to. Here is the recommended cubic feet for sealed and ported enclosures.

The vented enclosure recommended gross airspace is 2.9 cubic feet.

The sealed enclosure recommended gross airspace is  1.75 cubic feet.

As always, building your own box based on the manufacturers specs will get you closest to these numbers. Here are some pre-made boxes if you dont have time or know how to build your own.


R/T 300 Enclosure Series $62.95


R/T 770 Enclosure Series 15-Inch $50.99

Recommended Amplifier:

With this subwoofer we will be looking for an amplifier around the 700 watt RMS @ 2 Ohms. A little more or less is ok. Again beware that anything over the 750 watt RMS rating of this subwoofer may cause damage. With that being said you can leave the gain down a little bit if the amplifier has more than the recommended wattage.

Here are some amplifiers that would be good for this subwoofer:

Rockford Fosgate R1200-1D – $240.49 – This amplifier has a slightly higher RMS Rating than Alpine SWR-1542D. Keep the gain slightly below maximum to be safe. This is a great amp Although may seem a little expensive compared to other brands.

HIFONICS HFI 1000 – $139.99 – Cheaper than the Rockford fosgate but this amp can keep up with it higher priced coutner part. There are some people who say that it overheats but may others who say otherwise. It comes in at the perfect 750 watt RMS at 2 Ohms.



The Alpine Type-R SWR-1542D subwoofer is no slouch. The years of testing and engineering shows in the build quality and sound quality of this subwoofer. Matched wth the correct amplifier and enclosure this is a very good buy for the price. That is why this is one of our best subwoofers for under 200 dollars

Buy Now From Amazon

American Bass XFL1544

best 15 inch subwooferAmerican bass has only been around since 1991. The companies from our other reviews

have many years more than that in the business. However, this has not stopped American bass subwoofers from being well known for extreme bass. The company is located in Solon, Ohio. Not far from my home town.

They have many subwoofer categories. Here is the list in order of good to best.

  • RX series
  • DX series
  • XO Series
  • XD Series
  • XR Series
  • TNT Series
  • SL Series
  • XFL Series – Most popular series from American Bass.
  • HD Series
  • VFL- Series – Most expensive competition grade subwoofers.

Quick Specs:


The American bass XFL 1544 comes with a dual 4 ohm configuration that allows for a 2 ohm or 8 ohm wiring setup. There is also an XFL 1522 that has dual 2 ohm voice coils which allows for 1 or 4 ohm operation.

Coming in at 1000 watts RMS this subwoofer packs a lot of power for price. It also has a high density foam surround and 3″ voice coils.


Best 15 inch subwoofer



  • High power handing at 1000 watts rms
  • Dual 4 ohm voice coils
  • Carbon-Kevlar reinforced paper cone.
  • Good price for the power.


  • Not as well known of a company as some of the other on the list.
  • Need a large box to get good bass. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing if you have the space.

Recommended Enclosure:

American bass doesn’t have the box specifications on their website but this sub seems to have a sweet spot around 3 cubic feet ported. With that in mind here is a recommended subwoofer enclosure

This box is just over the recommended 3 cu ft of airspace. If you add the subwoofer displacement it gets you really close to ideal.

R/T 300 Enclosure Series (318-15 Diamond)  $62.95

This next box is right at the 3 cu. ft. mark. It is not your typical square subwoofer box though so if that does not match your style might want to look at other options.

Ground Shaker 15″ Single Vented Slot Ported Sub Box Out of stock


Recommended Amplifier:

This sub is rated at 1000 watts RMS but many have said that it can go beyond that. I would suggest that you do that at your on risk. Anything over the recommended power as the possibility of blowing your sub. With that said. Here is a recommended amplifier to match with this sub.

Alpine MRX-M100 Out of stock 



The American Bass XFL-1544 is definately a top notch subwoofer for the price. Very good power handling, great reviews, and made in the USA make this a top notch subwoofer. If you want a great subwoofer at a greate price that is made in the USA, Ohio to be exact, then look no further.

Buy Now From Amazon


Kicker CWR152 15″ Dual 2-Ohm CompR

best 15 inch subwooferAnother one on the list from Kicker. As mentioned before Kicker is a very well known car audio brand and has a pretty good track record at creating a really good subwoofer. The Kicker CWR152 is no different.

Quick Specs:

Features:best 15 inch subwoofer

The Kicker CWR152 comes with some pretty nice features at this price range. One of my
favorite things is the Ohm selector. While this is definitely not needed it takes out some of the guess work on wiring. You plug both your speaker wires in and select the impedance. Its that simple. A great feature.

This subwoofer comes with dual 2 ohm voice coils which allow it to use either 1 ohm or 4 ohm.


  • Dual 2 ohm voice coils
  • 800 watts RMS – Pretty good power handling at this price range.
  • Impedance selector. Allow you to pick either 1 ohm or 4 ohm at the flick of a switch.
  • Well known Kicker Brand gives peace of mind.
  • Very good reviews and ratings.


  • This particular model is from 2013. However, it is still very relevant. The newer model that replaced this sub is the Kicker 43CWR152 and its price is Check on Amazon. A few bucks more with virtually the same specs. Also, this model doesn’t have the Ohm selector.

Recommended Enclosure:

For the recommended enclosure, kicker has a pretty wide range of recommended air space both for ported and sealed enclosures. They also don’t recommend a best case air space on their website.

Their recommended specs for the subwoofer enclosure are 1.8 – 5.2 for a sealed enclosure and 3.0 to 5.o cubic ft. for ported enclosure. You can view the manual for this speaker here:

With these specs in mind here are some recommended enclosures.


This box comes in on the top end of the cubic foot range at 5 cu. ft.

Atrend 15LSV 15-Inch Single Vented Subwoofer Enclosure – $124.93

This subwoofer box is on the lower end of the recommended cu. ft.

Ground Shaker 15″ Single Vented Slot Ported Sub Box Out of stock


This sealed subwoofer box is near the lower end of the recommended air space at 2.1 cu. ft.

BBox E15S 15-Inch Single Sealed Subwoofer Enclosure – $53.99

Another slightly larger sealed subwoofer box with 2.65 cu. ft. of airspace.

As always if you are looking for specific air space specs the best option is to build a box your self if you have the knowledge, carpentry skill, and tools to do the job. If you dont have the tools you can always rent them. Of course this will add to the cost of the build.

Recommended Amplifier:

This rockford fosgate amplifier is somewhat pricey but you get what you pay for with this one. Rated at 100o watts RMS @ 1 ohm it is a little over the recommended 800 watts RMS but as long as you dont crank up the gain to full you should be in good shape. As an FYI most owners of this amp claim that the 1000 watt RMS is on the conservative side. So again, work up the gain scale slowly.  This is truly a great amp for the price though and it if you upgrade your subwoofer to the next level you may not have to buy another amplifier.

Rockford P1000X1BD Punch 1-Channel Amplifier – $399.99

If you want to spend a little less here is another option.

HIFONICS HFI1000.1D 1000 W Car Mono Class D – $139.99


As we have mentioned before Kicker is a top of the line subwoofer company and they have proved that with the Kicker CWR-152 subwoofer.  This speaker really fits well in this price range and has great sound and quality for the price. It is one of the best subwoofers you can buy for under 200 dollars. Out of stock to be exact. If you are looking for a great speaker that wont let you down and your price range is right around 200 dollars. This is an excellent choice.

Buy Now From Amazon


Conclusion: Best 15 inch subwoofer under 200

There are plenty of good choices in this category and you can really get your moneys worth with these subs. I think this is the sweet spot when it comes to non-competition setups. At this price range you are getting a better build subwoofer and more reliability. Also, you will be able to throw more power at them safely which equates to more bass.

Here is a recap list of the subwoofers mentioned in the Best 15 inch subwoofer under 200 dollars category:


Best 15 inch subwoofer for under 300 dollars

In this category we are starting to get into the subs that can handle quite a bit of power and are generally very durable. Most of the subs in this category will give you tons of bass if properly installed and paired with the correct amp and enclosure.

At this price range you will start to find less and less subwoofers that are not worthy to be insntalled. However, there definately are some out there. We are going to stay far away from these.

OK,  lets get in to this category and see whats out there:


Kicker Solo-Baric S15L74 best 15 inch subwoofer

This subwoofer is from the L7 Solo-baric class of subwoofers from Kicker. This series is their second most powerful and durable in the kicker lineup. It is a square desing which boasts more area to push more air. More air equals more sound waves which equals more bass.

Quick Specs:


Features:best 15 inch subwoofer

This is one of kickers square design speakers. Its a one of a kind design. It it expected to
push more air with more surface area for the cone surface.

The Kicker S15L74 also features a cast aluminum basket for a very strong foundation to build this subwoofer from.

It has dual 4-ohm voice coils which allow a setup of either 2 for 4 ohms. There is also a Kicker S15L72 dual 2-ohm voice coil model that supports 1 ohm and 4 ohms.


  • Cast aluminum Basket for durability
  • Excellent Power Handling with 1000 watts RMS. Lot of reviewers have stated that this sub can handle more than this. We suggest sticking with the 1000 watt RMS guideline for speaker longevity.
  • Unique square design that is not only adds more air flow and bass but also looks cool.
  • Very well known brand. These will help you enjoy your investment without worry too much about the subwoofer failing.
  • The square design: Yes, this was in the Pros also. If you already have a 15-inch subwoofer box more than likely the hole wont be square. This just means you have to buy a new box.
  • Availability of pre-built subwoofer enclosures. This is really another dig on the square design. There arent that many good pre-built subwoofer enclosures available. However, we suggest building your own anyway so this may just encourage you to do so.

Recommended Enclosure:

For this sub we highly recommend building your own box or having it built for you. There really aren’t many good boxes pre-built for this sqaure subwoofer. You can find the recommended box dimensions from kickers L7 Solo-baric subwoofer manual.

If you are unable to build your own we found some that will work.


Q Power QBOMB15VL – $99.95


I am unable to recommend a sealed enclosure becuase there just aren’t any quality pre-built sealed boxes. Most of them are not well built which will make you end up having to find something else. Also, there aren’t many option as far as cubic feet goes.

Again, we recommend getting a custom box built following the specs from the manual.

Recommended Amplifier:

For the Kicker S15L74 subwoofer we are looking for approximately 1000 watts RMS @2-ohm. Here are a couple recommendations that will push this sub nicely.

JL Audio XD1000/1v2 – $572.99 – This amplifer will push 1000 watts rms @ 2 ohm load. This matches the specs perfectly.

Kicker 41DXA1000 – Out of stock – Another prefectly matched to spec amplifer. Obviously this is from kicker as well and the price is substantially lower. 


Another great subwoofer from kicker. The Solo-baric L7 Class of subs from kicker have a very good reputation. They have exceptional power handling and reliability. There are some good things about the design like increased air flow and unique looks. However, the square design is so unique it makes it a little harder to aquire a decent enclosure.

If you are looking for a unique looking, loud, good price 15 inch subwoofer you can’t go wrong with the Kicker S15L74.

Buy Now From Amazon


SoundQubed HDC3best 15 inch subwoofer

This is our first mention of SoundQubed but this subwoofer is more than fitting it this category. Perhaps more so than any other. SoundQubed is unique in the industry where as they cut out the middle man to give great prices on great subwoofers.

They have two classes of subwoofers. Heavy duty street and heavy duty competition. Designated by either HDS for street and HDC for competition.

The Street series are rated from 600 watt RMS to 12oo RMS and have a 2.5 or 3 inch voice coils.

The Competition series are rated from 1500 to 2000 watts RMS and have 3 inch and 4 inch voice coils. Three inch on the HDC3 series. They also have bigger motors, stiffer cones and 10 guage direct connect leads. A feature that you wont find on any other subwoofer in this category.

Quick Specs:



The soundqubed subwoofers are packed with great features at this price range. These are some of the things that make this subwoofer one of our favorites in this article.

The HDC3 Has  a multi layer spider assembly to help allow for more control and throw in the subwoofer cone.

It has direct connect lead wires which help with wire slapping and burning in the spider.

Massive power handling  at a great price. You will have a hard time finding something of this caliber at this price range. If you are wonder here is the price. Out of stock

  • HDC33 inch dual 2 ohm voice coils.
  • 9.25 inch diameter multi-layer Spider system.
  • 10-gauge direct connect lead wires. Prevents wire slapping and burning in the spider.
  • Re-cone kit available if you happen to blow your subwoofer. You don’t really find that at this price level.
  • Also come is dual 1-ohm voice coils and 4 inch voice coils as well.
  • Excellent customer support.
  • Competition grade subwoofers and street sub prices.
  • Handle tons of power at 1500 watts RMS rating.

I always try hard to come up with some legitimate cons because no product is perfect. So i have some here but i am really reaching.

  • Pretty heavy at 50 lbs. You won’t want to enter any drag races with this in your trunk. I know that is ridiculous right? On the plus side of this, if you live in a snow state then you will have extra weight for the winter time.

Recommended enclosure:

There is really only one pre-built enclosure to recommend for this subwoofer. SoundQubed has teamed up with A-Trend to create a specific box for the soundQubed subwoofers.

SQ-15LSVDD Soundqubed-15″ – $204.99

Recommended Amplifier:

SoundQubed carries their own line of amplifiers as well. We dont always recommend the same manufacturer as the subwoofer for your amplifier purchase. But their amps are top of the line.

SoundQubed 2200W Mono Block Amplifier – Check on Amazon – This amp is well over the rated RMS for this subwoofer. However it will give you room to grow and the pure power this amp puts out is well worth the investment. 


I really love the SoundQubed products and the company. They are really giving an excellent product for a great price. If you are new to car audio you may not be familiar with the company but they hold their own against the top brands.

This subwoofer for this price is an amazing deal. If you are looking for a subwoofer in this price range this is our most recommended sub.

Buy Now From Amazon

Conclusion: Best 15 inch subwoofer under 300

There are probably quite a bit more in this category that are worthy of a review but we feel we have covered the two best options.  Our favorite from this category is the SoundQubed HDC3 15 inch subwoofer.  It is really a step above most 15 inch subwoofer under 300 dollars. Quality build and massive power handling. Along with being able to buy a cone replacement kit sets this subwoofer apart from the rest.

However, the kicker Solo-baric S15L74 is no slouch either. Very good subwoofer for the price and will definately fit most peoples need. Perhaps it really comes down to visual preference.

If you fit in 15 inch subwoofer under 300 dollars category you really cant go wrong with either one of these subwoofers.


Best 15 inch Subwoofer: Overall

Out of all of these subwoofer which one do we consider to be the best 15 inch subwoofer? Well, unfortunately this isn’t as cut and dry of a decision as you might expect.

It really comes down to what your budget can handle. Chances are if you are looking for a subwoofer in the price ranges above you probably also have a budget for the other components of the entire system.

With that said we have chosen the Rockford Fosgate P3D2-15 as our overall best subwoofer choice. I believe that with budget in mind this subwoofer cant be beat.


A large contributing factor to this is the cost of the other components for the more expensive, more powerful subwoofers. When entering in to the higher power subs the amplifiers will need to be more powerful and therefore more expensive. Sometimes you have to buy or modify your alternator to produce more amps which can add to the expense.

If you take the higher cost factor away then the SoundQubed HDC3 is the best option. It is truly a subwoofer that should be a lot more expensive for its features and durability.


We hope that you have found this Ultimate guide to the best 15 inch subwoofer in 2017 helpful in some way. If you fell it has been helpful drop me a comment and let me know. Also, if you have and questions about setup or perhaps even some other subwoofer feel free to leave your questions in the comments.

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